Thursday, February 7, 2013

Well Hello!

Welcome to a new blog about the agony, fear, frustration, pitfalls, train wrecks, poor execution, and any other malady that comes with modern day dating.  If it doesn't work once or twice, it's an occurrence.  If it doesn't work multiple times, it's a condition.  This merely serves as a descriptive insight into those situations mentally, physically, emotionally, and comically.

Let me be clear.  I do not consider myself some troll who's owners keep him locked in the basement and charge visitors to come have a peek.  I do not consider myself to look like the Half-Ton Man either.  I -- and others who may post on this site -- am simply expressing the idea that a variety of factors contribute to the dating scene going horribly wrong.  Even for a grounded, (mostly) mentally-stable, strapping lad like myself.  Over time, multiples failures and droughts tend to weight on someone.  Then you are reduced to starting a blog to tell the world about your follies.

A lot of early entries may include things like:

-The world of online dating and how that all works...if it works
-Hooking Up v. Dating:  How Do You Make That Transition?
-Talking to a girl at a bar and then trying to get her home:  How do you make that transition?
-Overdrinking: Pros and cons
-Not nerding out when you shouldn't
-Date analysis:  What went well, what went wrong, will it go again?

These and other subjects will most certainly be covered.  Hell, we will even take suggestions.  The world is our oyster at When Dating in the Real World Goes Wrong.  This could go extremely well, or it could crash-and-burn like me out at a bar.  Now if you'll excuse me.  I'm going to go use the restroom I haven't cleaned in weeks and eat tuna out of a can.

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  1. "Because not everybody is Hank from Californication..." probably the best catch phrase I've ever heard. Why cant we all be more like that guy?